2015 HPC Challenge Registration

 2 septiembre, 2015

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All we need is your contact information, information about the project you’ll be working on, which Altair solver will be used to complete the project, the number of nodes you’ll need to complete the project, and the length of time you think it’ll take to complete the project. You’re able to choose from 3 configurations of: small (32 nodes), medium (128 nodes) & large (256 nodes).

Selection Process

As soon as you have submitted your proposal, a committee consisting of representatives from Altair, Intel and AWS will review your proposal. Altair may contact you within 5 to 10 business days after your submission with a decision or to gather additional information if needed.

Weight will be given to the type of problem, as well as the impact on product design innovation. The committee reserves the right to accept or reject project proposals in its sole discretion.  The following will criteria will be used to evaluate the submissions:

  1. Problem complexity
    • Does the problem require running on an HPC environment to improve run times?
    • Is this unique study involving more than a single run?  Doe /stochastic Studies / Optimization problems will be given higher importance
  2. Market Impact
    • What is the design impact of the problem to the engineering community?
    • Does solving the problem impact a large group of similar users?
    • What is the Global (Geographical) impact? Is it too local a problem?
  3. Recurrence
    • Is the problem likely to be recurrent in the product life cycle or is it a one-time problem?

If your proposal is accepted, you will be contacted directly and guided through an onboarding process which will include participants signing Altair end user license agreements pertaining to the use of HWUL-VA.

Upon acceptance of your Challenge Project application:

Projects selected will gain access immediately to Altair’s HyperWorks Unlimited™ (HWUL) virtual appliance, free of charge during your trial period.

  • Configurations:
    • Choose small, medium or large configurations (32, 128 or 256 nodes)
  • Trial Periods:
    • Eligible trials range from 7 days up to 60 days, as determined by Altair
  • Support:
    • Full onboarding and support by Altair