Cesga will allow companies to virtually test their products

 12 October, 2012


Provides supercomputing infrastructure within a European project

How is the wing of an airplane behaves in flight? , What is the best design to reduce the noise caused by the blade of a wind turbine , and what structure is best for a boat to slide better on the water ? , what is the best design to seal the pieces on a platform of gas or oil when subjected to high pressure or temperature? The mathematical calculation with a hardware adapted to each case is unique in offering answers to these questions. Enormous computing infrastructure is also required to design parts and know their behavior through simulation. They are virtual , essential products before developing the physical prototype. Only this technology, which saves costs and provides a competitive advantage , is only available to large companies. Until now, for a strategic European project called Fortissimo , create a platform for high performance computing via cloud infrastructure that will be offered to SMEs, as well as hardware solutions , technology consulting and software , so they can find a solution to your products using advanced simulation.


Of wind energy to oil. From supercomputing to simulate the behavior of wind turbine parts of the petrochemical industry.

The project, which involves 44 European partners and has a budget of 21.7 million euros, will the Supercomputing Center of Galicia (Cesga) as a reference to Spain and Portugal in the infrastructure of supercomputing and data management, while Aimen the technology center, based in Porrino, is responsible for the preparation of calculations for each case.

Enhance production

The platform will offer SMEs the ability to simulate their products, which will improve quality and optimize production“, explains Andrés Gómez Tato, ensuring that “any company Galicia the manufacturing sector, especially in the metal, mechanical or naval sector, is likely to benefit.”
The initiative has already started with twenty companies, which have been selected from a previous project, including the galician Texas Controls, although in November, the call may come open for another twenty and, later, another ten. So to complete fifty individual cases in which the virtual simulation can provide a solution that can also benefit other SMEs.

Our test is applied to a typical case of the petrochemical industry“, explains Germán Rodríguez, representative of Texas Controls, located in Bergondo. The company, which provides services for companies like Repsol, Cepsa, Petrogal, Abengoa, Gamesa and Vestas, is devoted primarily to industrial infrastructure sealing at high pressure and high temperatures in oil and gas holdings. “You have to prevent liquid and enclosed high pressure gas exit temperature, because any leak is a disaster,” says Rodriguez. If this is the problem, allowing the development of proven parts before using the virtual reality is “try different technical solutions and then see what is the best in conduct before the problem you have raised. It is a very good technical filter. “Our test is applied to a typical case of the petrochemical industry”.

Source: http://www.lavozdegalicia.es/