The Clag will celebrate a formative session on the possibilities of the cloud for the audiovisual sector

 10 March, 2014

The Clúster Audiovisual Galego (Clag) will celebrate the next 27 March, in Santiago, the formative session “The Audiovisual in the Cloud”, in which it will do an introduction to the cloud and will show the advantages of this service for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of the audiovisual sector. The term to inscribe in this course is opened until the day 26 March.

The cloud computing has supposed a true revolution in the business management. In the actuality exist a high number of services that improve the management of the companies doing them more productive and allowing devote the efforts in time and investment to other areas of the business.

Through this formative action, the Clag pretends to enter to the SMEs of the audiovisual sector the concept of the cloud (cloud) and know if this industry is adapting his processes to this new reality. Likewise, they will tackle the challenges to which confronts the industry of the cloud to adapt to the needs of the audiovisual.

Clag. Cloud en el sector audiovisual

Program of the session

The opening of the course “The Audiovisual in the Cloud” , that will celebrate in the Centre of Supercomputación of Galicia (CESGA) in Santiago de Compostela, will run to charge of the boss of the Service of Innovation and New Channels of CRTVG and vowel of the Area of R&D of the Clúster Audiovisual Galego , Esther Medina . To continuation will take place a presentation of the “Tendencies of outsourcing in the technological infrastructure” Realised by the general director of the Group Arcade Inforhouse, Vidal Díaz.

During the transcurso of the morning also will give two workshops, one to charge of the personnel of Arcade Inforhouse on “Virtualización Of desk and mobility”, in which it will tackle the management of surroundings of desk and mobile, and that includes a practical case with stations of remote work in PC and mobile. The second workshop will be given by the administrator of systems of the CESGA, Carlos Fernández, the one who will present the infrastructures and services for cloud computing of his centre, and will present several cases of success and experiences of his utilisation.

The course will finalise with a session titled ?Audiovisual production in the Cloud?, to charge of the CTO and of the responsible of Systems of Unitecnic in the office of Madrid, Juan David Alive and Iván Tobares, respectively, those who will expose the possibilities that offers the editorial in the cloud, among others appearances of interest for the SMEs of the audiovisual sector.

This formative action is organised by the Clag , in collaboration with the Centre of Supercomputación of Galicia-CESGA, and cofinanciada by the Igape and the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the European Bottom of Regional Development, through the line of “Helps of the Igape to the business groupings (clusters) innovative in the Autonomous Community of Galicia, cofinanciadas by the European Bottom of Regional Development (Feder) in the frame of the operative program Feder Galicia 2007-2013”.

To assist to the course is necessary to send covered the form of registration that accompanies to this information to , before the day 26 March . The registration is free until completing the aforo of the room.