2ª Announcement Access HPC and Processed Massive of Data for SME (Updated*)

 27 April, 2015

Centro de Supercomputación de Galicia (CESGA) offers to the Small and medium enterprises of the Euroregion Galicia-North of Portugal, the possibility to use the infrastructures of High Performance Computing and processed massive of data for projects of Investigation, Development and Innovation or for training of his personnel in technologies related with the Computation of High Provision or the processed massive of data.

The aim of the announcement is to facilitate the access to these computational resources to the companies, so that they improve his international competitiveness through the development of new processes, products or services.

To give service to the SME and microSME, CESGA puts to disposal of these his resources in any one of his services of computation, funded by the Xunta de Galicia, the Upper Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC), the European Bottom for the Regional Development (FEDER) and the program POCTEP. The configurations detailed of each one of the available systems can find in the web page of CESGA  (http://www.cesga.es).

The types of possible access are the following:

  • Telematic access: acceso a horas de cálculo de forma no presencial.
  • Face to face access: stays of Investigation, Development, Innovation or Training exclusively in CESGA.

In addition to the utilisation of the computational resources of CESGA, the companies selected will receive the necessary training for taking advantage to the access on the utilisation of the computational resources, pallel process, etc. and support by part of the technicians of CESGA to execute the project proposed.

The innovative SME that want to do use of these resources have to request the access through a simple form, that will be able to obtain in the direction http://icts4pyme.cesga.es, in where besides they have to his disposal more information on the conditions of the access and the form of application, that will be able to do since April 6  to May 10 (*), 2015 (until the 17h). This access is framed inside the Program of Collaboration *Transfronteriza (POCTEP), through CloudPYME2 project with reference 0682_CLOUDPYME2_1_E.

For any doubt or query can call to CESGA +034981569810 or send post to aplicaciones@cesga.es

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