Code-Aster/Salomé-Meca course

 11 May, 2015

CloudPYME project organizes “Code-Aster/Salomé-Meca Course”, on june 9-11.

  • Salomé: is a free software for pre and post-processing for numerical simulation.  It is based on an open and flexible architecture made of reusable components.
  • Code_Aster: is a software for finite element analysis and numerical simulation in structural mechanics and multiphysics. Code Aster is a solver or processing engine that does not include pre and post-processing. Its functions may cover various fields such as 3D mechanical and thermal analyses, mainly, but also hydrodynamics, metallurgy, hydration, drying… in linear and non-linear statics and dynamics. In addition, Code_Aster counts with different tools to deal with issues related to fatigue, damage, fracture, contact, geomaterials, porous media, multi-physics coupling.


AIMEN (Asociación de Investigación Metalúrgica del Noroeste).

C/Relva, 27 A. Torneiros

36410 Porriño. (Pontevedra)





  1. Introduction (4h)
  2. Salome-Meca (4h)
  3. Code-Aster (4h)
  4. Non linear problems (Code-Aster) (4h)
  5. Multiphysics problems (Code-Aster) (4h)
  6. Parallelization (Code-Aster) (4h)
Download guide (.pdf)
  • The assistance to the course is free of charge.
  • The places are limited (17) and will be attributed first to workers of companies from the basic zone into POCTEP program.
  • Course: 24 h
  • We will deliver certified of participation.
  • Registration period expired on June 2015, 7th
Code-Aster simulation
Salomé simulation


9, martes

10, miércoles

11, jueves



  • Introducción a MEF (Pre-proceso, planteamiento, resolución y postproceso)
  • Introducción a SALOME-MECA vs CODE-ASTER
  • Módulo geometría SALOME-MECA


  • Manejo de los programas EFICAS, ASTK.
  • Diferentes formas de ejecutar un cálculo en CODE-ASTER.

Problemas multifísicos (CODE-ASTER)

  • Introducción a los problemas multifísicos.
  • Resolución de un problema completo termo-mecánico
14:00-15:00 Almuerzo


  • Módulo de mallado
  • Empleo del “wizard”
  • Módulo de Postproceso

Problemas no lineales (CODE-ASTER)

  • Modelado del comportamiento plástico.
  • Modelado del contacto.
  • Resolución de un problema con comportamiento plástico.
  • Resolución de un problema de contacto.

Cálculo en paralelo (CODE-ASTER)

  • Paralelización OpenMP
  • Paralelización MPI

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CloudPYME project is a collaboration between CESGA, AIMEN, CATIM and AIMMAP cofunded with FEDER funds through third announcement of “Programa Operativo de Cooperación Transfronteriza España – Portugal 2007-2013 POCTEP” (0682_CLOUDPYME2_1_E).