Frecuently asked questions

In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any further question, you can send it to us through the contact section.
Frecuently asked questions about OI
To put it briefly, OI consists on the exploitation of the companies' internal resources for the research and development of new technologies and businesses, but also on the bilateral collaboration with external organizations -i.e. not only seeking solutions for their own problems but also helping third parties by ceding internal solutions that are not being as profitable as expected.
The project aims to help SMEs based in Galicia and Northern Portugal. If you are interested in joining, just send us a message using our contact section.
Besides the benefits of joining a partner network (see “What is Open Innovation?”), participation in the project promotes a better understanding of the concept and puts you in touch with R&D projects and techniques. Within the scope of the CloudPYME project, there are other projects with competitive edge, e.g. on HPC and Cloud Computing, which resort to opensource software.
It is the companies themselves who decide what institutions can collaborate in the innovation process within the project.