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Northwestern Metallurgical Research Association AIMEN

AIMEN Technology Center is a private non -profit organization that provides research and development services in areas such as welding, materials, manufacturing processes, and non-destructive testing (NDT). AIMEN is dedicated to improving the manufacturing processes in the industry and increase its competitiveness. The AIMEN Technology Center participates in numerous R & D projects at a regional, national and international level, in most cases in collaboration with SME and large companies. Projects can be grouped into the following areas of research: Joining Technologies, Laser Technologies, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Design and Simulation, and non-Destructive Testing.

The Department of Design, Simulation, and Automation has extensive experience in the development of Technology Services and R&D Projects, within the field of mechanical design and simulation, through the use of CAD / CAE tools .

Also, AIMEN has extensive experience in technology transfer of the R&D results of process-oriented design and production processes research.