Technological Center of Support to Metalmechanic Industry
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Technological Center of Support to Metalmechanic Industry

CATIM has a history of over two decades in technical and technological support to metallurgical and metalworking industry, promoting the improvement of the competitiveness of its businesses , focusing on quality and innovation vectors . CATIM currently has about 3,000 active customers and 650 partners.

CATIM constantly seeks to adapt to the needs of its associates and customers. Main areas of activity include: Innovation, Quality , comparative assesment (benchmarking), Strategic Analysis, Environment, Health and Safety , Safety of machinery, Studies in Noise Calibration, Product Testing, Material Testing, Standards and Training.

More precisely:

  • Provide direct support to industrial companies, particularly with regard to troubleshooting technical and technological problems.
  • Study the use of raw materials, with a view to the manufacture of new or to improve the quality of existing products; collaborate with research organizations, promote and disseminate techniques and technologies with the aim of implementing their practical use.
  • Promote and participate in continuing education programmes.
  • Perform tests and characterization laboratory analysis of product’s raw material and equipment.
  • Certificate compliance of products with applicable standards and specifications, CE Marking of products as a notified body, collaborate in studies of standardization and development of technical specifications for the industral sector.
  • Study the application of domestic and foreign regulations regarding the Metalworking industry.
  • Organize, coordinate and disseminate technical and technological information of interest to the sector, particularly in the domain of technology and industrial quality; Collaborate in performing industry sector assessments in order to identify priority actions to be undertaken to the benefit of the sector; Perform environmental assessment studies in business and support , with a view to integrating environmental vector in companies management procedures.